cooling shaking incubator

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Cooling effect of the shaking incubator


The shaking incubator has been used for a long time, and the cooling effect will become worse. Before troubleshooting the failure of the compressor or the insufficient refrigerant, you can check and maintain other parts first, maybe there will be unexpected effects.


When using the shaking incubator, always clean the dust on the compressor and cooler. Many users don't pay attention to this point, it feels unnecessary. The compressor is attractive to dust in the air when it is working. If it is not maintained, the surface of the compressor will be full of dust, and heat dissipation will be a problem. The problem is that the cooling effect gets worse over time.

 shaking incubator

Secondly, attention should be paid to the placement of the shaking incubator and the wall, and there should be a certain heat dissipation gap. The cooling effect of the compressor is normal if the heat dissipation of the compressor is normal. On the contrary, the compressor will be overloaded, which will seriously affect the service life of the shaking incubator.


In addition to the above external factors, the illegal use of the shaking incubator will also cause the failure of the shaking incubator to deteriorate the cooling effect. The internal circulation air outlet must not be blocked, and the number of door openings must not be too frequent. In short, it is inseparable from your careful maintenance and reasonable use.

cooling shaking incubator

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