Zhichu Instrument presents new shaking incubator for the 11th anniversary

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Zhichu Instrument presents new product for the 11th anniversary


New product CO2 Shaking incubator ZCZY-CS11 (three units can be stacked)

 CO2 shaking incubator Zhichu

The weight of three units is about 588KG

The weight of two units is about 398KG

Meet the user's requirements for load-bearing


微信图片_20210908150223R&D ability is the first vitality of an enterprise


Zhichu presents new product for the 11th anniversary. Accessories optimization and upgrade not only make the appearance lighter and more beautiful, but also greatly improve product performance.


微信图片_20210908150223R & D upgrade


  • Back cover design

    The new back cover is easier to disassemble, lighter and more beautiful.

 incubator back cover


  • Intelligent dimmable glass (Remote control)

    Remote control, shading or translucent, more convenient operation, more suitable for GMP requirements. 

 shaking incubator door glass

shaking incubator door glass

* Video presentation


  • New humidity control box

    The humidity control is more accurate, the water consumption is only 25% of the old model, and the appearance is smaller and more beautiful.

 humidity shaking incubator

  • Use of inverter compressor

    The temperature control is more accurate, more stable, more energy-saving, and has a longer service life.

 shaking incubator compressor

  • Door design structure is lighter

    The design is more reasonable, light and beautiful.

 shaking incubator door

shaking incubator door

  • New shaking platform lock design (Rotatable)

    Lock and unlock quickly, more convenient and quick to pull out and push into the shaking platform.

 shaking platform

* Video presentation

 (* If the above pictures have chromatic aberration problems, they are all due to the shooting light)

To make the shaker incubator lighter, more stable and more accurate is our unremitting pursuit! The R&D department, as the department with the largest investment in Zhichu and the most support, will continue to strengthen the update and iteration of products, and provide more excellent products to give back to the users.


Go Zhichu ! Made in China Come on!  

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