Zhichu shaking incubators in the international market

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With the continuous development of economic globalization, international trade has become an important part of the economic core. In recent years, Chinese enterprises not only base themselves on the development of the domestic market, but also pay more attention to the development of the international market.


As a member of a private enterprise, Shanghai Zhichu, after nearly ten years of steady development, has now become an indispensable backbone of the domestic shaking incubators industry. The product's shaking incubators are now spread across many universities (Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University...), research institutes (Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences...) and Well-known enterprises (Shanghai Hengrui Medicine, Qilu Pharmaceutical...). Product sales have increased year by year and set new highs, and market reputation has also been unanimously recognized by users.


Not only that, but in recent years, Zhichu has made strides and entered the markets of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, etc., and has been well received by users. Zhichu has a long-term goal for the international market. In 2019, Zhichu shaking Incubator has been exported to the United States, Indonesia, Singapore and other overseas markets.


 Tsinghua University Laboratory Zhichu incubator shakers


Chinese University of Hong Kong




As the saying goes: "Good products are the last word." The "going out" of Chinese enterprises is not only the business expansion of enterprises abroad, but also the qualitative leap and improvement in the core competitiveness of products. Therefore, it is extremely important for enterprises to continuously innovate products and improve product services during the development process.


With the tenet of "technological innovation, service first" and the cornerstone of "quality management", Zhichu adopts modern management and advanced design concepts, continuously cultivates and absorbs outstanding scientific research and technical personnel.



While improving product quality, Zhichu is constantly improving product services. Each year, we organize product knowledge training sessions many times to learn new technologies in the industry, consolidate product knowledge points, improve various services such as pre-sales and after-sales, and conduct professional assessments. All in order to provide domestic and foreign users with better products and more reasonable and perfect services.


In 2019, Zhichu participated in many academic conferences


Dare to go out and touch the top shaker companies on the world stage is an important milestone in our struggle.


Modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people back, is an unbreakable truth. Dare to face your own shortcomings and improve your ability, which is a success in itself. The collision with the top international shaker companies is a good time for us to learn and also lay a solid foundation for the smooth opening of overseas markets in the future.


The domestic market is our starting point, and the overseas market is our next goal. Going abroad and going to the world is not only a slogan, but also our dream for many years. The realization of the dream is sweet, inspiring, and worth remembering. Shanghai Zhichu will stand at a new starting point and join hands with its partners to make bravery for the manufacture of Chinese shaking incubator and to a new height!

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