Zhichu & Bolv brings new products to the Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition

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Zhichu & Bolv brings new shaking incubator to the Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition


From November 16 to 18, 2020, the highly anticipated Munich Shanghai Analytical China (Analytica China) ended successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

 Zhichu shaking incubator

 Zhichu & Bolv E3·3314 Exhibition Hall


A total of 1121 exhibiting companies and cooperative units and 23,652 professional visitors participated in this exhibition. Six exhibition halls, eight special areas, and a total exhibition area of over 60,000 square meters presented more than a thousand new instruments and equipment, innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Let us witness the vigorous trend of China's analytical instrument industry in 2020.


Zhichu & Bolv brought a variety of shaking incubators, microbial fermentation tanks, bioreactors and new products ZGP-9, biosafety cabinets, CO2 shaking incubators and other products to appearance.

 Zhichu shaking incubator

 Shaking incubators series

Biological safety cabinet

 New product : Biological safety cabinet

 Microbial fermentation tank

Microbial fermentation tank



CO2 incubators

New product:  CO2 incubators

Attached cell culture equipment

New product: Attached cell culture equipment

Our booth design style is unique, and the overall color is "Zhichu Yellow". The booth has two floors up and down, with machines on the first floor and negotiations on the second floor. In order to create a good atmosphere for negotiation, professional tea master was invited to make tea and guzheng performers play.



Practical product performance, simple and generous appearance design attract all audiences to stop and ask. The sales staffs gave professional explanations and operation demonstrations to solve customer doubts in all aspects.





The attention and recognition of users is the highest praise for Zhichu & Bolv. In the future, we will continue to increase the cultivation and absorption of outstanding scientific research talents, focus on independent research and development, increase R&D investment, continuously improve product quality and services, and make more high-quality products to give back to users.


So far, we have participated in many sessions of Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition. Every time we participate in the exhibition, we have benefited a lot. Inter-industry exchanges, learning advanced experience and common progress. Although Zhichu & Bolv is small, we have a heart to work hard.



New products of domestic and foreign companies are emerging in endlessly, and we are well aware of our responsibilities. To make good products and improve services is the goal we have been pursuing. We are grateful for the help of our partners and the support of our users. Zhichu & Bolv's tomorrow will be even better with you.

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