Zhichu stacked shaking incubator

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Zhichu stacked shaking incubator with touch screen 

1. Space saving

One, two or three-layer stacking combinations provide users with the largest use of space with the smallest footprint. It can be used on a single layer, or double or three layers. When three layers are used, the top layer adopts a top-opening design, experimental staff can easily operate.

2. Unique door design

a. Unique door design, stainless steel without screws, the whole is more beautiful and tidy.

b. The lower two floors are pull-down and load-bearing doors (the large three-layer superimposed top layer adopts a top-opening design). After the door is fully opened, an operating platform is automatically formed, which can pull out 100% of the rocking plate, and easily take and place the sample bottle.

c. The rocking plate is pulled out and pushed back along the special guide rail, and it is automatically locked after being transported into place, so the rocking plate will not move out of position.

d. And each layer can be independently controlled, and each layer can be operated at different temperature and speed at the same time or one, two or three layers as needed.

Zhichu -incubator

3. LCD touch screen

a. The set temperature, rotation speed, time and actual measured temperature, and remaining time are displayed on the same interface without switching between interfaces, making observation more intuitive;

b. The operation interface is encrypted and locked to prevent repeated operations and human misoperation;

c. With data recording function, it records data every minute, can record data for nearly three months, and can display temperature, humidity, speed, light, CO2 concentration curve;

d. there is a USB interface, which can export and save the above data.

research shaking incubator

4. Hollow tempered double-sided heating glass

Hollow tempered double-sided heating glass (only CO2 shaking incubator series, ZQZY-CS8V, ZQZY-CS9, ZQZY-CGF8V, ZQLY-180GV; the other models are basically hollow tempered glass doors). It is convenient to observe the inside of the cabinet at all angles at any time without opening the door; at the same time, it has glass double-sided heating and door heating functions to avoid glass fogging and dripping caused by operation under low temperature or high humidity. The door heating temperature is adjustable (only carbon dioxide series).

5. Overall appearance

a. Streamlined appearance, beautiful and generous;

b. The inner lining adopts arc-angled (R-angle) mirror surface stainless steel design, which is easy to clean;

c. The right side is an integrated mold design, the upper 7-inch true color touch screen, the middle whiteboard design, and the lower transparent insert frame is convenient for users to register and place usage records .

d. The door opening slow stop function.


6. Waterproof design of incubator body

a. The incubator body is waterproof design, any accidental broken bottles during the cultivation process will not cause damage to the incubator. The bottom of the box can be cleaned by pouring water directly(Only ZCZY-CSV、ZCZY-CS9、ZCZY-CS8V、ZCZY-CN、ZCLY-180V、ZQZY-98CV、ZQZY-88CH、ZQZY-88CV、ZQZY-78CV、ZQZY-CS9、ZQZY-CS8V、ZQZY-VS3), and the bottom discharge port can easily release the cleaning liquid, and it can be completely sealed after processing.

b. Equipped with filter magnetic ring to reduce the interference of the outside world and itself to the stability of the machine.

7. Dynamically balanced drive system

a. Dynamically balanced drive system. The load-bearing condition on the upper part automatically balances the stress condition to achieve the driving and stable effect. Even if the load on the rocking board is uneven, it can run quietly and stably. At the same time, it can start and brake smoothly. It runs without noise, deviation, and good coordination. 

b. Equipped with high-quality servo motor, the control speed is accurate, the high-speed performance is good, and the stability is strong.

Zhichu Shaking incubator

8. High-quality refrigeration system (only temperature control range 4~60℃—at room temperature 23℃-25℃)

a. Selected high-quality imported compressors, fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerants, low noise, good cooling effect, to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment at low temperatures. Special refrigeration technology, the refrigeration capacity can be adjusted, and the temperature control is more precise.

b. Unique timing defrost function, 1-89 minutes can be set freely, and the defrost interval is adjustable from 30-600 minutes, which can ensure that the evaporator does not freeze during long-term operation at low temperature.

9. Security features

With over-temperature alarm function and automatic power-off function under abnormal conditions.

10. Memory recovery function

It has a power-off recovery function to avoid data loss caused by power outages and crashes.

11. With ultraviolet sterilization function.

Zhichu stacked incubator shaker

12. The imported infrared CO2 sensor is used to automatically control the CO2 concentration, with sensitive response and high accuracy. It is equipped with a set of controllers, solenoid valves, and pressure reducing valves. Users only need to configure the CO2 gas source to connect and use. One bottle of CO2 gas (20kg) on the single-layer shaking incubator can be used for no less than 35 days under normal door opening and closing, and about 145 days if the door is not opened. (Only COshaking incubator)

13. Built-in precise humidity control function, the humidity control range is 95% of ambient humidity. (Only ZCZY-CS9, ZCZY-CSV)

14. Equipped with adjusting support feet, and equipped with rollers, which is convenient to move and use the machine. 

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