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Technology R&D is the vitality of Zhichu shaking incubators !

ZSZY-88CH is a special model of high-speed shaking incubator, which is very suitable for large-throughput microplate culture. The incubator can cultivate more than thousands of biological samples at a time. It is a sharp tool for optimal screening of biological culture. Choose to meet the flexible and diverse experimental needs of customers.

high speed incubator shaker

  • The high-throughput screening shaking incubator has patented double motors, which can run quietly and stably even if the load on the shaker is uneven.

  • The maximum speed is 1000 rpm with 3mm amplitude.

  • The fully optimized oscillation system and balance system can ensure that other unwanted vibrations will not occur during high-speed oscillation.

deep well plate culture

  • The high-throughput screening and shaking incubator can be stacked in three layers.

  •  Humidity control and CO2 control functions can be added.

  • Large load capacity, can shake 96 standard microplates or 48 deep well plates at the same time.

  • The single-layer space is equipped with two motors that can control the speed and forward and reverse at the same time or independently, to meet different usage requirements, set different speeds, control speed is accurate, high-speed performance, and strong stability. 

incubator shaker

orbital shaker

microplate shaker

shaking incubator Zhichu

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