• The use and maintenance of illumination shaking incubator


    1. The purpose of the illumination shaking incubator: The illumination shaking incubator adds the illumination function to the shaking incubator. The instrument can set different working temperatures and different light intensities according to different times, so that plants can achieve experimenta Read More

  • How to clean and sterilize the CO2 shaking incubator


    How to clean and sterilize the CO2 shaking incubator? There are 3 tips. First, close the carbon dioxide valve, remove the shaking platform in the incubator, rinse it with clean water, and thoroughly scrub and disinfect with 75% alcohol; Read More

  • Common problems you need to know about shaking incubator


    The shaking incubator has comprehensive functions and is widely used, but occasionally some malfunctions may affect the normal use of users. Synthesizes various information, summarizes the common failures of the instrument and the solutions. Share with you here. Read More

  • How to install shaking incubator


    Preparing the Installation 1.1. Location and Space Requirements: The shaking incubator must be situated in a well ventilated area where there is no strong light and hazardous atmosphere. Read More

  • How to choose the best shaking incubator speed


    How to choose the best shaking incubator speed? Generally, the best speed is determined by the speed of bacterial reproduction.However, if the secondary metabolites of bacterial reproduction are needed, the best speed can be determined after testing the culture. Read More

  • Common problems of lighting shaking incubator


    The compressor of the light incubator is not cooling ? In the balance mode, the compressor is always in working condition, the cooling effect is better, and the compressor can be effectively maintained. Read More

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