• Shaking Incubator For Cell Culture


    Shaking incubator is an indispensable laboratory equipment for animal cell culture, plant cell culture and microbial cell culture. Read More

  • what does a shaking incubator do for bacteria


    what does a shaking incubator do for bacteria? Zhichu shaking incubator ensure refrigeration effect and stable by high quality and low noise imported CFC free compressors. Streamlined shape, backing finish outer cover and stainless interior chamber with rounded corners easy to clean and protect bacteria breeding. Read More

  • How to clean and sterilize the CO2 shaking incubator


    How to clean and sterilize the CO2 shaking incubator? There are 3 tips. First, close the carbon dioxide valve, remove the shaking platform in the incubator, rinse it with clean water, and thoroughly scrub and disinfect with 75% alcohol; Read More

  • 7 types of laboratory shaking incubator flasks


    Sticky mat: Suitable for flasks of various specifications, firm adhesion, simple and beautiful, easy to clean. Cleaning methods and precautions for sticky mat:a. Prevent ultraviolet light (ultraviolet radiation reduces service life, if you need to use ultraviolet light. Read More

  • Common problems you need to know about shaking incubator


    The shaking incubator has comprehensive functions and is widely used, but occasionally some malfunctions may affect the normal use of users. Synthesizes various information, summarizes the common failures of the instrument and the solutions. Share with you here. Read More

  • Two Types of Lab Shaking Incubator


    Two Types lab shaking incubator Although there are many types of lab shakers, the most commonly used are rotary shakers and reciprocating shakers.1. Rotary ShakerThe rotary shaker is a container that rotates and shakes on a horizontal surface with the shaker, and is mostly used for bacterial culture Read More

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